About Me

Photograph by Peter Adams
Photograph by Peter Adams

There is a lot of helpful content on how to build and grow Enterprise software companies. How to deliver differentiated product value? How to accelerate the sales and marketing funnel? How to assemble and motivate the best team?

That said, inspired by Ben Horowitz’s article “The Struggle” I felt there was a void in simple, pragmatic and honest content which can be of help to emerging entrepreneurs especially founding CEOs. With this blog I hope to contribute to rounding out the needed information across all areas of founding and growing Enterprise software companies…

Coffee at my house. Photograph by Boaz Ziniman.

The name of this blog represents my passion for gourmet espresso-based coffee and technology companies. Many details go into making the perfect cup of coffee – the beans, the quality of the grind, the consistency of water temperature, the barista and more. Whether it is coffee or your company, knowing and acting on the details makes the difference between a bitter or sweet ending.

You can find more about me on my LinkedIn profile.

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